Barony of Tirydon
Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site
Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site

This is the official site for the Barony of Tir-y-Don in the Kingdom of Atlantia for the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Tir-y-Don News

April 24 2016
We're looking forward to seeing you at our Baronial Birthday next weekend. Crown Tournament and Ruby Joust are coming up in the next month.
This week's A and S class is on Cheese Making. Please check the A and schedule via the link in the header of this page for other upcoming activities.
Watch this space for exciting Bacon Wars news for fall 2016 coming soon!!

June 24 2015
Wow, what a hot weekend. Despite the horrid humidity and high temps, I was able to visit our cousins in Stierbach for their Baronial Birthday and enjoy their gracious hospitality. Of special note during their festivities, Master Dante was elevated to a Master of Defense and Baron Flaithri was given a writ for the Master of Defense.
The fun didn't stop there though. On Sunday we were able to enjoy a great day at the park with our cousins in Marinus for the Father's day cookout. Thank you for a great day of fellowship and food!

Next up, Old School War Practice!

June 17 2015
Practice for June 21st (Father's Day) has been moved to Mount Trashmore as we've been invited by our cousins in Marinus to celebrate. 
FATHER'S DAY PICNIC (and Fighter's Practice)
Sunday, June 21, 2015
Mount Trashmore, shelters S-1 & S-5
(These are the shelters where we used to hold our practices, between the mount and the freeway.)
Starting at 11:00 and continuing until we get tired
What to bring:
meat for yourself to be grilled and a side dish large enough to share with at least two people
a chair - picnic tables are under the shelters but we are assuming that they will be filled with food for sharing
Clan Rowanwald & the Great Dark Horde will provide all the grilling materials needed, as well as cook for you if you'd like.
You may bring popup sunshades but the park prohibits any which require stakes in the ground
Donated items needed:
Paper plates
Plastic silverware
Condiments: salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise - whatever you'd put on your burger/hot dog/steak/sausage

Is everyone ready for Pennsic?  Today is the last day for Pre-registration!  There's lots of stuff happening in the next month and a half to get prepped for the big war.  First up is Old School War Practice on June 26th-28th.  We're also planning a work day on July 11th to build the new tent poles so we can leave the old ones in Pennsic Storage.  Please come out and spend a couple hours helping finish the project.  Many hands make light work!  

18 2015
Are you ready for Ruby Joust?  It's just a few days away.  If you haven't reserved camp space with us yet, please contact Lady Muriel ASAP.  You can contact her at:
Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site
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Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site