Barony of Tirydon
Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site
Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site
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This is the official site for the Barony of Tir-y-Don in the Kingdom of Atlantia for the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Tir-y-Don News

Are you ready for Inter-Baronial 12th Night?  What about Tir-Y-Don's Investiture and 40th Celebration? 
Time is ticking so make sure to reserve early!
Inter-Baronial 12th Night
Tir-Y-Don's Investiture and 40th Celebration

Thank you for another wonderful Bacon Wars!
Great times were had by all and we look forward to another Bacon filled adventure.

Posted for the week of 7/14/2014
Greetings to a crafty Barony,
This week at A&S will be hems and seam treatments. Come and look at  various ways to finish your garb and get a hem pinned at this weeks A&S.  Next week will be Pennsic wish list. If you cannot go to Pennsic and  would like somebody to take a class for you or make a purchase from the  merchants, just bring a list (and money for the merchants.) These topics  will be short, so more before Pennsic sewing can be completed. A&S will  start back up the first Thursday in September. In Service to The Dream, Baroness Kaleeb the camp steward

A message from Baron Matheu and Baroness Isabel - Baronial Birthday 2014

What a wonderful day we had yesterday!  Everyone and everything came together in the most perfect way.  I would like to thank each and every one of you.  The apprenticing and yeoman ceremonies were very powerful and touching.  The fighting brought honor to both Tir-Y-Don and Atlantia.  The A&S entries were awe-inspiring and beautiful.  You inspire me to keep working to improve my own handiwork and projects.  We have new Champions that will bring honor to our fair Barony.  The feast was the most wonderful way to end the day.  The pictures that have been posted attest to the beauty of our day.  You have yourselves to thank.  We have the best Barony with the best people.  Thank you again for making our 33rd Baronial Birthday such a special one.

Heavy Champion: Lord Arnvaldr
Rapier Champion: Baron Jean Claud
Archery Champion: Baroness Alyna
A+S Champion:  Lady Cindel

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Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site
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Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site