Barony of Tirydon
Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site
Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site

This is the official site for the Barony of Tir-y-Don in the Kingdom of Atlantia for the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Tir-y-Don News

May 2 2016
Hannah and I would like to thank everyone for making this year's Baronial Birthday so special. Though it was overcast most of the day the weather held out for us to finish our celebration. The food was plentiful and amazing and the hard work of our kitchen staff shined throughout the day. We really couldn't ask for more from such a wonderful barony.

We also chose our new Baronial Champions Saturday. It's a bittersweet task that must be performed. We released our current champions who have done an incredible job over the past year. Our new champions made a showing with skill and ferocity though which couldn't be ignored. Hannah and I look forward to their leadership in their respective art forms and are proud to have you at our sides.

We are truly blessed with such wonderful support. Your efforts this weekend are just a small piece of what you offer us and your kingdom. From the depths of our hearts. Thank You!

Aidan and Hannah
Baron and Baroness of Tir-y-Don

April 24 2016
We're looking forward to seeing you at our Baronial Birthday next weekend. Crown Tournament and Ruby Joust are coming up in the next month.
This week's A and S class is on Cheese Making. Please check the A and schedule via the link in the header of this page for other upcoming activities.
Watch this space for exciting Bacon Wars news for fall 2016 coming soon!!

Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site
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Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site