June in Tir-y-Don

We’re slowly starting back up. We’ve restarted archery and rapier practices.

Our first post-covid event will be June 26. It will be a small local event where we will virtually watch some of the Coronation activities as well as having some local fun. Pre-registration is required. Link to more information is on the right.

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May update

We’re slowly emerging from our Covid-19 hibernation. Archery practice has resumed. Fencing practice will start again on May 16. Both are following Atlantia’s Covid Requirements.

Atlantia’s next University event will be June 12, entirely online with 134 different classes over 7 hours. Check out the catalog and register for classes at https://university.atlantia.sca.org/.

Our May business meeting is at 6:30pm on May 20 on our Discord channel.

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We’re still here!

We’re continuing our weekly A&S and monthly business meetings online as well as teaching and taking lots of classes at various online university settings. As the Covid situation improves we will gradually start having in person, outdoor, practices and eventually fully reopen. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and track the Kingdom status and policy here.

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In Person Event-closure extended to May 31, 2021

The national Board of Directors extended the in-person event closure due to Covid until at least May 31, 2021: https://www.sca.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/2020-12-04-Resolution-Continuation-Letter.pdf

Our virtual meetings continue for our weekly A&S classes and monthly business meetings. As conditions permit we may start small local practices following local government instructions and Kingdom policy.

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Slowly reopening

Atlantia’s Kingdom Seneschal has released guidelines and procedures for reopening and having in-person activities again. Our first resumed activity is target archery. This will include maintaining social distance, the wearing of masks, answering a health questionnaire and signing a contact tracing sheet.

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All SCA in-person Events canceled until at least Feb 1, 2021

The SCA’s Board of Directors announced that due to the Covid-19 situation in the United States, all in-person events are canceled until at least Feb 1, 2021. It is possible that smaller activities like fighter practice and A&S meetings will be allowed to start before that date based on more local government requirements and local infection rates.

Tir-y-Don will continue our weekly online A&S meetings and monthly business meetings and will monitor local conditions and consult with our Kingdom officers to determine when small local activities can start to resume. A plan from the Kingdom Seneschal on reopening metrics and procedures is in the draft stage and should be released shortly.

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Still Virtually Yours

Due to guidance from the modern authorities and our SCA Kingdom Seneschal, we are still working entirely virtually, but there is hope that we can start to resume small gatherings in the not completely distant future. Stay Tuned!

Meanwhile, all of our activities are taking place online with weekly A&S classes and monthly business meetings. We have updated the A&S schedule through June and are looking for more cool classes for the rest of the summer.

Also, this Saturday, June 13th, is the first Virtual Atlantian University. I hope you have signed up for classes and will join us there.

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All In-Person Activities Cancelled

Due to Virginia Governor Northam’s stay-at-home executive order for Virginia, all in-person SCA activities within the Barony are cancelled for the duration of the order. The Barony has moved to online A&S and business meetings. Check our facebook group or the A&S page here for more details. (Text of Governor’s Order)

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April 18 Baronial Birthday Postponed/Cancelled

Due to the continuing Covid-19 problem, we have decided to cancel our Baronial Birthday event on April 18. We hope to reschedule it at some point in the future once events resume.

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The Barony is Going Virtual

Due to the Corona virus recommendations, in person A&S nights are canceled until further notice. Instead, we will be doing online classes at the same day and time using the Baronial Discord channel.If you are scheduled to teach, can you please contact Kaleeb and let her know if you are willing and able to teach online or if your class needs to be postponed until it can be done in person. She will adjust the schedule so that we have as full a slate as possible of discord classes until we can resume in person. An updated class schedule will be posted when available.

For now, please see the Discord channel discussion topic on our Facebook page and try to set up your account and join the Baronial channel. We will also be using that channel for the Baronial business meeting. One of the topics at the meeting will be making the determination on canceling our April 18 event.

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