In-person activities canceled until at least February 4, 2022

Greetings unto the Kingdom of Atlantia from Duchess Simone,

After consultation with their Majesties Eckehard and Jane, we have determined that it is necessary for the safety of our populace to extend the suspension on events and activities in Atlantia. We still have concerns regarding the rate of Covid infections in our states and the District. We are going to continue the pause of all in-person official activities and events until Friday February 4, 2022.

Please wait to hear from the event steward for Manannan Mac Lir before canceling your reservations, as I hope they will be able to reschedule for a later date.

We shall see this dark time behind us, so please continue to be kind and patient with each other. Tonight, I ask you to raise a glass to their Majesties and our Atlantia.

Vivat Atlantia Vivat!

Duchess Simone

Seneschal, Kingdom of Atlantia

Video from Their Majesties on Covid closure

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