This is a partial list of our Barony’s members, their interests, and their web pages. Please email with your information and a request to be added. We won’t add anyone without a request. We may add photos in the future, so please include one if you would like to have one posted.

Baroness Alyna of the Ilex

  • Interests: Costuming, Rapier, Embroidery, Music, Dance
  • Awards list

Master Llwyd Aldrydd

Mistress Oriana of Xylina

Mistress Kaleeb Auon Khadrea

Mistress Mariss (Meip) Ghijs

Baron John Biggeheved

Lord Pietro Trevisan

Catheryn inghean Ui Dhubhshlaine

  • Interests: archery, arts and sciences, rapier, Celtic/Welsh before and after Vikings, and heraldry. Learning to sew and various other fiber arts. If there are questions about heraldry or names please ask.
  • (540) 819-5291

The Atlantian Order of Precedence has a list of who it considers residents of the Barony and their Awards. Note that the current King, Queen, Prince, and Princess are listed at the top of this regardless of where they actually live.

Barony of Tir-y-Don Order of Precedence