Spring & Summer Arts & Sciences

The Arts and Sciences Schedule is posted below. These classes are all designed to be done in a round table discussion form with different folks contributing information, samples, or suggestions. Many but not all of the activities will require you to bring something or do something to get better prepared for Pennsic or your next event.

March 23 Loaner Garb sorting and exchange. The loaner garb is out of control and needs to be sorted and the excess given away. Some pieces probably need to be repaired. You can bring donations for loaner gear but really wear nice foundation garments if you plan on trying on clothing.

March 30 Tool Box Organization. The Pennsic trailer needs a better toolbox to keep camp running smoothly. Kaleeb will donate a toolbox and a lot of the tools, but she needs suggestions on what tools to pack.

April 6 Organization by Holly the tidy

April 13 Scriptorium

April 20 Baronial Favor making party, bring white trigger, red paint, and small touch-up paint brushes (only if you don’t need to make a purchase, Kaleeb has lots of stuff) Favors will be used at Baronial Birthday

April 27 Baronial Business Meeting and Baronial Birthday UFO

May 4 Camp Furniture Extravaganza This will not be a make and take, rather it will be about nifty folding units for camp and/or your tent. It could also have things like solar tiki torches, ect.

May 11 Scriptorium

May 18 Business Metting and cooler talk. As in how to not get food poisoning from your cooler while camping. Bring your favorite cooler to cut 2x4s to raise your cooler off the ground and have your ice last longer.

May 25 Warm Weather Garb. Different styles of garb will be talked about, so you don’t melt in our summer heat. Channel your inner Roman.

June 1 Jewelry Repair. Bring your broken jewelry to see if we can repair it or at least give it a good shin.

June 8 Scriptorium

June 15 Business meeting and UFO

June 22 Game night, location to be determined as the game will probably be an outdoor game

June 29 Flax Processing led by Tir-y-Don’s Baron. He will provide tools and flax.

July 6 Expand your persona. This will be the first in a year-long series of classes on learning more about your persona

July 13 Scriptorium

July 20 Business meeting and UFO

July 27 Canceled due to Pennsic Packing

August A&S is canceled due to Pennsic and Pennsic recovery

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Fall Arts & Sciences Schedule

The next few months’ worth of A&S meetings are listed below. Most meetings are at Llwyd & Kaleeb’s place (call us at 757 875-0033 for the address). Scribal is a Tannis’ house.

  • Sept 29 – 1430’s challenge
  • Oct 6 – hats
  • Oct 13 – scarves
  • Oct 20 – Scribal
  • Oct 27 – Business meeting/UFO
  • Nov 3 – cheese
  • Nov 10 – scribal
  • Nov 17 – Business meeting/UFO
  • Nov 24 – no A&S – Thanksgiving
  • Dec 1 – 10 minute topics – 1430’s challeng
  • Dec 8 – Tudor talk
  • Dec 16 (friday) – Christmas party, business meeting, cookie exchange
  • Dec 22 & 29 – No meeting
  • Jan 5 – Games
  • Jan 12 – (Marscon) Scribal or University class practice
  • Jan 19 – Business meeting/ Univ class practice
  • Jan 26 – 10 min topics 1430s challeng
  • Feb 2 – Day of Love A&S
  • Feb 9 – Scheduling
  • Feb 16 – Business meeting/UFOs
  • Feb 23 – 10 min topics
  • Mar 2 – Deviled eggs
  • Mar 9 ?
  • Mar 16 Business Meeting/UFOs
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Summer Update

Thanks to everyone who came out to Baronial Birthday in June. We all had a great time.

We’re looking forward to a joint fighter practice with Marinus on Sunday, July 17 at 1pm at Elizabeth River Park in Chesapeake. Then we’re off to Pennsic at the end of July/start of August and will take the rest of August off. On Labor Day weekend, we’ll be hosting an equestrian event: Emerald Hastilude. We’ll be presenting a demo at the Newport News Fall Festival on October 1 and 2 (10am to 5pm). And at some point we’ll do more free Medieval Mosey hike and picnic events.

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Spring Update

We have two new events coming up soon.

On May 21 we will have our second, free, Medieval Mosey event. This one will be at Sandy Bottom Nature Center in Hampton, VA.

On June 18 we will have our Baronial Birthday event with fighting, court, and a feast!

Pages have been created for both events with details to be added as they are set.

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March Update

We hope people will come to our Medieval Munch and Mosey on April 9. Covid restrictions are lightening, so we should have no issues with a public outdoor event.

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Resuming activities

The Kingdom is slowly opening up again. Ymir is this weekend and other events are happening soon. Weather permitting, we’re going to resume fencing practice. A&S classes are continuing online.

All in-person activities are subject to the Society Covid-Safe policy and the Kingdom of Atlantia’s choices within that policy. See https://atlantia.sca.org/reopening-atlantia/ for the current rules.

Our next in-Barony gathering is a Medieval Munch and Mosey on April 9. Hope you can join us.

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Virtual Kingdom 12th Night

https://www.12thnight.atlantia.sca.org/ is the link for all things 12th night.

From the Kingdom Chatelaine:

New to the SCA or Atlantia, join us for Their Royal Majesties Court during 12th night! We will explain the goings-on, the awards, and the traditions taking place. We look forward to meeting you! This Saturday, January 15, the room opens at 11:30 am for Noon Court!

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In-person activities canceled until at least February 4, 2022

Greetings unto the Kingdom of Atlantia from Duchess Simone,

After consultation with their Majesties Eckehard and Jane, we have determined that it is necessary for the safety of our populace to extend the suspension on events and activities in Atlantia. We still have concerns regarding the rate of Covid infections in our states and the District. We are going to continue the pause of all in-person official activities and events until Friday February 4, 2022.

Please wait to hear from the event steward for Manannan Mac Lir before canceling your reservations, as I hope they will be able to reschedule for a later date.

We shall see this dark time behind us, so please continue to be kind and patient with each other. Tonight, I ask you to raise a glass to their Majesties and our Atlantia.

Vivat Atlantia Vivat!

Duchess Simone

Seneschal, Kingdom of Atlantia


Video from Their Majesties on Covid closure

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Polling of Confidence

Their Majesties are currently conducting a polling of confidence regarding a new term for our Baron and Baroness. All paid members in our zip codes should have received an email or a postcard with instructions. If not, you can feel free to email Their Majesties with your thoughts at trm@atlantia.sca.org . The polling closes on Friday, Dec 3rd.

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Fall news from Tir-y-Don

The Kingdom of Atlantia has adopted a new Covid-19 policy that can be read here. The short version is that at in-person activities we’ll be requiring proof of vaccination or a negative test within the previous 72 hours. Follow the above link for more details.

With that in mind, we’re still having archery and fencing practices in person and an occasional outdoor A&S activity. Please join our Facebook groups for current details.

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