Tir-y-Don Baronial Birthday 2022

June 18, 2022

The year is 1581. The Republic of the Seven United Netherlands has come together and declared independence from the Spanish! All provinces who make up the Union of Utrecht are freed from their oath of alliance to King Phillip of Spain. The States General has declared the throne vacant only a short time ago. Join us as we celebrate a United Netherlands!

The Cook by Pieter Aertsen ca. 1580, Amsterdam, Netherlands – ca. 1575, Amsterdam, Netherlands School: Dutch

Event Activities

There will be heavy and rapier tournaments to determine baronial champions! More information on the tournaments coming soon. A baronial archery champion will be determined on June 5, at Newport News Park during Tir-y-Don’s normal practice times.

A&S contests will feature a people’s choice and baronial A&S champion. Theme is 1550-1600 low country (Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Flanders, or any other in that region).


First Course: Snert (Split Pea Soup), Parsnip Salad, Split Nuns (Deviled Eggs)

Second Course: Salmon Pie, Pear and Cheese Pie, Braised Spinach

Third Course: Chicken with Currant Sauce, Roffioelen van Wermoese (Fritters of Spinach & Cheese), Bitterballen (Meatballs)

Fourth Course: Wafers with Whipped Crème, Pears in Hippocras, Nun’s Farts (donuts)

Site fees

Credit Card Payment:https://members.sca.org/apps/?fbclid=IwAR3Cs-w7x98SU4XZjvT5U_i6EjNBkuOS5uK45FBngBVyTYzFpWVKvcX-XCs#MtgDetail/00001322
Make Checks Payable To:SCA, Inc., Barony of Tir-y-Don
Registration Notes:Pre-registration required for feast. See event website for feast information.
Site:Marlbank Farm Clubhouse 167-199 Old Landing Rd, Yorktown, VA 23692
Event Steward:Andrei Barsukov (Andrew LaVinus), 2141 North Roger Peed Drive, HAMPTON, VA 23663, Phone: (804) 8698882, E-mail: alavinus@gmail.com
Reservations:Christina O’Cleary (Jessica Baas), 2141 North Roger Peed Drive, HAMPTON, VA 23663, Phone: (310) 4807155, E-mail: divinite@sbcglobal.net

Directions: From I-64 WB: Follow I-64 W to exit 258B to merge onto US-17 N/J Clyde Morris Blvd toward US-17 N/Yorktown. Turn right onto Old York-Hampton Hwy, turn right onto Wormley Creek Dr, and turn right onto Old Landing Rd. From I-64 EB: Take I-64 E to VA-105 E/Fort Eustis Blvd in Newport News. Merge onto VA-105 E/Fort Eustis Blvd, use the middle lane to turn left onto US-17 N, turn right onto Battle Rd, turn left onto Old York-Hampton Hwy, turn right onto Wormley Creek Dr, turn right onto Old Landing Rd.

Arts & Sciences

A&S will include a display featuring projects since our last Baronial Birthday event including many of the classes taught during that time.

Covid Policy: The Kingdom Covid policy is available at https://atlantia.sca.org/covid-policy-update/ For this event, masks are required for indoor activities except for kitchen staff in the kitchen and while seated to eat feast. A supply of paper masks will be available at troll. Policies for individual tents are at the discretion of the tent owner.

Pet Policy: No pets on site, service animals only.

Schedule for Baronial Birthday 2022

  • 8:00 AM Site opens
  • 9:00 AM Gate Opens and MOL Available
  • 9:30 AM A&S available
  • 10:00 AM Heavy and Rapier Authorizations and Inspections
  • 11:00 AM Tournaments Begin!
  • 2:00 PM A and S Judging
  • 4:00 PM Baronial Court
  • 6:00 PM Feast
  • 9:00 Event Ends