The Pennsic War

Every summer lords and ladies from around the known world gather to immerse themselves in the current middle ages. More information about Tir-y-Don’s plans will be posted as the event draws near so check back often. In the mean time, check out the Atlantian Pennsic Website or www.pennsicwar.orgYou are leaving for more information. It’s never too early to start planning for this event!

If you plan on camping with the barony, it is important to indicate you will be camping with “The Barony of Tir-y-Don” when pre-registering. Pre-registration is required for camping with the barony so we can be allocated enough space! Please complete the Baronial Camping form and remit it to this year’s Camp Steward.

CLICK HERE to open the Baronial Camping Form.

A Pre-Pennsic Meeting is held every year to go over details regarding camping with the Barony, schedules, and changes. If this is your first time camping with the Barony, it is highly recommended to attend this meeting. Please monitor the Baronial list, or check the calendar for details when this meeting will be held.

The Baronial Camp fee for Pennsic changes each year and typically covers lunch, propane, firewood and minor camp repairs.

  • Food
    • Lunch items, such as sandwich fixings and chips, will be included in camp fee.
    • Dinner is typically organized by the camp steward or a kitchen steward, separately from the camp fee (this will also be all or nothing participation)
  • Reminders
    • Water bearing supplies will be done on a potluck basis coordinated among fighters
      • Gatorade
      • Pretzels
      • Beef jerky
      • Pickles
    • Tir-y-Don Night is tentatively scheduled for the second Sunday.
    • Camp form is online (click here), please fill it out and return it to the Camp Steward; she needs one from everyone before Pennsic.
    • Please pre-register.
    • The battlefield schedule and A&S schedules will be posted at www.pennsicwar.orgYou are leaving it becomes available.