History of Tir-y-Don

A Timeline of Tir-y-Don
Notes About The Timeline:
1. All persons mentioned here whose names are not in italics were residents of Tir-y-Don at the time.
2. Bold Type: Tir-y-Don Events
3. (*) Asterisk: Indicates that a newspaper article about the event is available.

1-?-75 Dance practice hosted by the incipient group. A class is taught by Countess Alyson of Islay and Mistress Signy.
3-1-75 The incipient canton hosts its 1st event*. Autocrat and head cook: Lady Kathea von Lintz (aka Kathea von der Eiche). The founding members of Tir-y-Don were Lady Kathea, Sir Bruno von der Eiche, Lord Ismael ibn Murad, Lord Neil, Melisande of Hali, Tannis and Thomas. The event is attended by such notables as Earl Aonghais dubh MacTarbhCountess Ysabeau Cameron of Locheil and Lady Katherine Goodwyn (from the Barony of Carolingia (Boston) and the kingdom arts officer).
5-1-75 May Day Festival. Autocrat: Angharad Coed Wyfern. (She later becomes the canton’s 3rd seneschal.)
5-?-75 Canton decides on the name “Tir-y-Don”, proposed by Angharad, who said it meant “Land of Waves”.
6-?-75 Tannis von Baden-Baden coordinates SCA demo at the newly opened Busch Gardens, The Old Country.
6-?-75 First St. Erronius Tourney. Royalty visits Tir-y-Don for the first time. TRH Aonghais and Ysabeau, Prince and Princess of the East Kingdom.
6-?-75 Tannis becomes 2nd seneschal of Tir-y-Don. (Lady Kathea von Lintz was the 1st).
7-?-75 Tir-y-Don is listed in the July issue of The Pikestaff (East Kingdom newsletter) as an Incipient Shire (Hampton, VA) with Tannis von Baden-Baden as acting seneschal.
7-19-75 First Diamond Joust held in Caer Mear. Victor was Sir Bruno von der Eiche.
8-?-75 Tannis announces a name change to Tannis of Tir-y-Don
10-?-75 Tir-y-Don is listed in the October Pikestaff as an Incipient Canton. (No parent group specified).
10-11-75 Ismael ibn Murad al-ben Mohammed nasil Hakim is knighted at the Coronation of Aonghais and Ysabeau in the Barony of Myrkwood. He is the 1st resident of Tir-y-Don to be made a peer.
11-22-75 King’s Birthday Tourney held at Christopher Newport College, in honor of King Aonghais. Victor: Prince Alaric von Rotstern. Autocrat: Tannis of Tir-y-Don. Head Cook: Melisande of Hali. Festivities include the wedding of Angharad Coed Wyfern and Edwin von Luxembourg. Tnek the Ainissestor fights in his 1st tourney.
12-27-75 Christmas Yule Feast. Autocrat: Anya de Calias. Gaming tourneys and dancing classes.
1-?-76 Tir-y-Don is listed in the January Pikestaff as a Canton for the 1st time.
1-3-76 Tannis of Tir-y-Don receives AoA at Kingdom Twelfth-night.
3-6-76 First Anniversary Tourney (and Queen’s Surprise Birthday Tourney). Autocrat: Lady Tannis of Tir-y-Don. All fighters were required to carry a lady’s favor. Not surprisingly, King Aonghais was the victor. AoAs given out at court included: Donal Mac Ruiseart, Anya de Calais and Ann Etheridge of Somerset (later to become the 1st Baroness of Tir-y-Don). Tannis resigned as canton seneschal. Angharad (now Angharad von Luxemburg) becomes 3rd seneschal.

7-76 Tir-y-Don is listed in the July Pikestaff as a Canton under The Nameless Shire (Southern VA), along with the Cantons of Caer Mear and Isenfir.
6-12-76 The 2nd Tourney for St. Erronius. Autocrats: Kathea von der Eiche and Melisande of Hali. Seven fighters participate in the tourney, and Prince Laeghaire O’Laverty is the victor. Over 20 archers participate in the archery shoot, and Michael of Bedford is the victor. The tourney field is at The Mariner’s Museum Park and the feast is at Hilton Christian Church.
10-76 The Nameless Shire changed to The Incipient Shire of the Stone Wall (Southern VA), in the October Pikestaff.
11-20-76 First Coronet Tourney of the new Principality of Atlantia and First Annual Durin’s Day Feast and Masked Revel. Autocrat: Lady Ann Etheridge, assisted by Lord Kelly the Reever. Tournament victor and 1st Prince of Atlantia: Graf Alaric von Rotstern. Archery victor: Michael of Bedford. Site: Field next to Riverside Hospital.
1-?-77 Lady Ann Etheridge of Somerset becomes 4th seneschal.
3-5-77 Live Kingmaker Game Tourney held at Hilton Presbyterian Church. The group makes a 40X47 ft copy of the game board and those who attend the event played the game pieces. At court Geoffrye Thomas du Chateau Versoix received his AoA.
4-30-77 Second Coronet Tourney of Atlantia in Caer Mear. Victor: Earl Laeghaire O’Laverty. Tnek the Ainissestor is the other finalist.

5-28-77 May Tourney & Renaissance Feast & Revel. Autocrat: Carissa of Burgundy
6-25-77 St. Erronius III. Autocrats: Lady Tannis of Tir-y-Don, Tnek the Ainissestor and Lord Geoffrye Thomas. The feast has a mid-eastern theme. (From the event announcement: St. Erronius, patron saint of autocrats and seneschals. An event is held each year in the lands of Tir-y-Don in the hopes of pacifying this “benevolent” saint who has a “persistent” habit of appearing at events and reeking havoc with the best laid plans. Also responsible for Erronius’ Canon – Anything that can go wrong will go wrong at the most inopportune time. (Later attributed to Murphy))
7-?-77 Norfolk/VA Beach group is first listed in the July Pikestaff as the Canton of Pindar.
9-?-77 The September Pikestaff lists the Canton of Marinus (Norfolk/VA Beach) under the Shire of the Stone Wall.
10-8-77 Coronation of Fredrick of Holland and Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr in Windmasters’ Hill. Tnek the Ainissestor and Michael of Bedford receive AoAs at Last Court. Tnek and Tannis announce their betrothal at First Court.
11-12-77 Third Coronet Tourney of Atlantia. Autocrat: Lady Ann Etheridge. Victor: Lord Michael of Bedford.
1-?-78 The City State of Dinas Moryn (Hampton/Norfolk VA) is first listed in the January Pikestaff with two cantons: Tir-y-Don (Hampton) and Marinus (Norfolk/VA Beach). Lady Ann Etheridge is the Acting Seneschal of both Dinas Moryn and Tir-y-Don. “City State” was a special designation requested by the group as a shire equivalency.
2-?-78 Lord Geoffrye Thomas becomes the 5th seneschal of Tir-y-Don. (Lady Ann Etheridge remains the seneschal of Dinas Moryn.)
2-18-78 Lord Tnek and Lady Tannis are wed at the Tourney of Ymir in Windmasters’ Hill.
3-18-78 Investiture of Michael of Bedford and Carissa of Burgundy. Autocrat: Lady Ann Etheridge. Tir-y-Don’s 1st royalty.
7-29-78 Prince’s Bodyguard Tourney and Feast*. Autocrat: Lord Kelly the Reever.
12-?-78 Alan of the Bright Lands becomes the 6th seneschal of Tir-y-Don.
1-13-79 Lady Ann Etheridge of Somerset is inducted into the Order of the Maunche (East Kingdom A&S order) at Kingdom Twelfth-night.
2-24-79 War of the Rings held at St. George’s Episcopal Church. Autocrat: Kelly the Reever. A Lord of the Rings based game is played out on a huge map of Middle Earth, marked out in hexagons. Attendees take the parts of various characters from TLOTR.

5-26-79 Second Biannual Renaissance Tourney and Borgia Banquet held at St. George’s Episcopal Church. Autocrat: Viscountess Carissa of Burgundy. SCA wedding of Michael and Carissa.
6-30-79 Stag Hunt. Armored combat in the woods with combatants playing stags, hounds and hunters.
11-17-79 Harvest Tourney & Oriental Feast* held at St. George’s Episcopal Church. Autocrat: Lady Elaina of Oaklawn (In AS XXV she became a queen of the East Kingdom)
1-26-80 Wodenfest held at St. George’s Episcopal Church. Autocrat: Thorvald Ravenbeard.
?-?-80 Some time between March and June, the City State of Dinas Moryn is dissolved; Tir-y-Don becomes a Shire, and Marinus becomes a City State (shire equivalent). The Atlantian Regnum was not published in the Pikestaff during this time. The next Atlantian Regnum appeared in the August Pikestaff, and lists Lady Melissa of the Misty Mere as the seneschal of the Shire of Tir-y-don. (7th
Tir-y-Don seneschal)
4-26-80 St George’s Day Tourney and Shakespear’s Birthday Feast*. Autocrat: Lady Melissa of the Misty Mere. Head Cook: Lady Tannis. In the evening there is a performance by Tir-y-Don’s Terrible Troupe of Not-Quite-Ready for the Globe Players. At court the following honors are given by the Crown: AoA to Melissa of the Misty Mere, QoC to Lord Tnek the Ainissestor, Order of Fatima to lady Ann Etheridge of Somerset. Lady Melissa and Lady Tannis receive the Order of the Burdened Tyger for the event (awarded at the next royal court after the event, as was customary). Tourney Site: Field next to Riverside Hospital. Feast site: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.
5-10-80 East Kingdom Crown Tourney. Head Autocrat: Lord Tnek (in absentia*) Acting Autocrat: Lady Tannis. Victor: Viscount Michael of Bedford. Shield trees are used to announce which fighters are to meet on each of the three list fields. (Perhaps for the first time in a Crown Tourney. Later, others would improve on the idea, which has become standard at Atlantian Crown Tourneys.) *Lord Tnek’s employer sends him to Scotland a week before the event, and Lady Tannis has to take over at the last minute.
6-21-80 Summer Solstice Tourney and Stag Hunt. The event includes an archery contest, a crest tourney, and a stag hunt. Autocrat: Raim y Hynnddyll (Raim, became Prince of the Principality of Drachenvald in AS XVII and was knighted at Pennsic XI (same year)).
8-9-80 Lord Michael of Bedford is knighted by King Gavin at the 2nd Crusade Event in Storvik.
10-18-80 Coronation of Michael and Carissa as King and Queen of the East Kingdom held at the First Presbyterian Church of Hampton. Autocrat: Lady Melissa of the Misty Mere. The Feast has a renaissance Italian theme.
4-25-81 2nd Annual St George’s Day Tourney and Shakespear’s Birthday Feast. Autocrat: Lady Melissa of the Misty Mere. Tir-y-Don is elevated to Baronial status and Lady Ann Etheridge of Somerset is invested as the Founding Baroness of Tir-y-Don. The following honors are presented at Royal Court: Court Baroness to Melissa of the Misty Mere, Order of the Maunche to Robert Charteaux Battenbourgh, Order of the Golden Dolphin to Tannis of Tir-y-Don, AoA to Elaine of Oaklawn.
?-?-81 Lord Alan of the Bright Lands and family are inducted as the first members of the Order of the Swan & Cygnet by Baroness Ann.
5-2-81 Coronation of Michael and Carissa, First Atlantian Coronation. Atlantia officially becomes a sovereign kingdom. Lord Tnek the Ainissestor receives the last Principality Golden Dolphin.
7-?-81 The Canton of Mistanbyrig (Williamsburg VA) is first listed in the July Acorn under the Barony of Tir-y-Don. Canton Seneschal: Altea of Ringwick.
11-?-81 Richard d’Andraade becomes the 8th seneschal of Tir-y-Don.
1-16-82 Lady Beyetah Robakovna and Lady Tannis, both of Tir-y-Don, autocrat Atlantia’s 1st Kingdom Twelfth-night, which is held in Windmasters’ Hill. At the event, Lady Malkin Grey becomes Kingdom Chronicler, and Lady Tannis is inducted into the Order of the Pelican.
1-30-82 Lord Geoffrye Thomas de Chateau Versoix becomes one of only 7 people to be inducted into the Order the Silver Needle (Now closed).
5-1-82 Queen Melisande establishes the Queen’s Guard. Two of the 1st 3 members are from Tir-y-Don, Lord Tnek the Ainissestor and Lord Guillaume au Serpente d’Or.
6-19-82 2nd Live Kingmaker Tournament held at the Fort Monroe Community Center. Autocrat: Baroness Ann Etheridge.
7-17-82 Lord Tnek the Ainissestor is knighted and Lady Beyetah Robakovna is inducted into the Order of the Pelican by King Gyrth and Queen Melisande at Diamond Joust in Caer Mear.
7-31-82 Dog Days Tourney – Pentathlon of Martial Arts. Autocrat: Lady Malkin Grey. Cooks: Lord Ewan the Mad Wanderer and Mistress Tannis.
9-?-82 Lord Guillaume au Serpente d’Or becomes the 9th seneschal of Tir-y-Don. Sir Tnek the Ainissestor becomes Earl Marshal of Atlantia.
10-9-82 Coronation of Sir Jahn of Outman and Mistress Tuiren de Lisle held at Hidenwood Presbyterian Church. Autocrat: Janissa du Champs.
10-31-82 A Domesday Report for Atlantia showed Tir-y-Don with 17 subscribing members and 9 associate/family members, and Mistanbyrig with 2 sustaining members.
1-15-83 Tir-y-Don’s 1st Baronial Twelfth-Night. Autocrat: Lady Malkin Grey. This is a small event, with less than 40 in attendance. HRM Queen Tuiren is one.
2-?-83 The Canton of Mistanbyrig is dropped from the Regnum in the February Acorn. The Canton existed for 18 months.
3-5-83 University of Atlantia, Spring Session held at Christopher Newport College. A total of 17 classes are held.
3-26-83 Coronation of Michael and Carissa. Tir-y-Don is home to both the incoming and outgoing royalty, but the event is held in Falconcree. HRH Carissa of Burgundy is inducted into the Order of the Laurel at Last Court. At this time Tir-y-Don is also the home of 4 kingdom officers: Earl Marshal (Tnek), Chronicler (Malkin), Chancellor of the Exchequer (Tannis), and Minister of the Lists (Beyetah).

7-30-83 Acorn Fund Raising Event – Martial Arts Pentathlon. Autocrat: Lady Malkin Grey. Head Cook: Mistress Tannis. Single & double elimination tournaments are held.
11-12-83 Autumn Tourney and Harvest Feast held at St. George’s Episcopal Church. Autocrat: Lord Quentin ap Rhys. This event was first billed as the Vices & Virtues Feast, then it became the Baronial Champion Tourney (with a new autocrat), and then the event name was changed again when the champion tourney was postponed.
12-3-83 Lady Malkin Grey is inducted into the Order of the Pelican at University of Atlantia in Stierbach, even though the Crown is not present. Their Majesties were planning to induct her at a later event, but she and her lord had to leave the kingdom on short notice. None of the royalty could attend the one final event she would be at, so Their Majesties gave permission for the Order to induct her in their absence. Mistress Tannis presided over the ceremony.
3-?-84 Giles O’Culzane becomes the 10th seneschal of Tir-y-Don.
4-7-84 Duke Michael of Bedford is inducted into the Order of the Laurel by King Olaf & Queen Aislynn at their Last Court in Storvik.
7-28-84 Investiture of the 2nd Coronets of Tir-y-Don, Sir Tnek and Mistress Tannis. Autocrat: Lord Namir ha Arvad. Head Cook: Lady Cara Marie of Carlisle. Celebrations included a games tourney, a Resurrection Tourney, an arts and science exhibit, and a Blue, Whit & Green Tourney. Countess Tuiren de Lisle is inducted as the first member of the Order of the Whelk. Lord Talon ap Rhys and Lord Quentin ap Rhys are induced as the first members of the Order of the Orca.
10-20-84 Lord Quentin ap Rhys is knighted at the Last Court of Richard and Anne, at the Coronation of Knarlic and Alexis in Marinus. A surprise vigil was held the night before in Nicewood Park, in Newport News.
12-?-84 Anne of Ridgehaven becomes the 11th seneschal of Tir-y-Don.
1-12-85 Tir-y-Don Baronial Twelfth-Night and University of Atlantia Extension Session. Autocrats: Sir Quentin ap Rhys and Lady Cara Marie of Carlisle. Head Cook: Mistress Tannis. The U of A extension was coordinated by Countess Tuiren. King Knarlic inducted Lady Cara into the Order of the Golden Dolphin at court.
5-4-85 Boar Hunt. Autocrat: Lady Anne of Ridgehaven and Baroness Areowen Calogref.
10-?-85 Andrea of Carlisle becomes the 12th seneschal of Tir-y-Don.
10-9-85 Lord Talon ap Rhys is appointed a member of the Queen’s Guard.
1-25-86 Lord Talon ap Rhys is knighted at Sea Wars. He is the last to be created a peer while a resident of Tir-y-Don.
3-?-87 Baron John of Fordington becomes the 12th seneschal of Tir-y-Don.
5-9-87 Blue Boar Inn. Autocrat: Lord Addison the Wanderer. Quest Theme: The Adventures of Robin Hood.
7-?-87 Lord Thorindil Windwalker becomes the 13th seneschal of Tir-y-Don.
1-9-88 First joint Tir-y-Don/Marinus Twelfth-Night. Marinus was the host group. Autocrats: Lady Seonaid and Lord Michel de Montrevel.
1-16-88 Mistress Tannis of Tir-y-Don is inducted into the Order of the Laurel at Kingdom Twelfth-Night.
5-7-88 2nd Blue Boar Inn. Autocrat: Lord Addison the Wanderer. Quest Theme: Canterbury Tales.
10-?-88 Order of the Orca accepted and registered by Laurel.
2-4-89 Sir Tnek the Ainissestor and Countess Cara Marie of Carlisle are both inducted into the Order of the Pelican at Sea Wars in Nottinghill Coill. Countess Cara was residing in Trimaris at the time.
5-20-89 3rd Blue Boar Inn. Autocrat: Lord Addison the Wanderer. Quest Theme: 1001 Arabian Nights
3-?-90 Lady Alienora na Coille becomes the 14th seneschal of Tir-y-Don.
7-90 The Incipient College of Rencester (Williamsburg VA) is first listed in the July Acorn under the Barony of Tir-y-Don. Canton Seneschal: Gwion ap Owen.
3-16-91 16th Baronial BirthdayInvestiture of Earl Quentin Wrenguard ap Rhys and Countess Cara Marie of Carlisle. Autocrat: Lady Aurora Emerald dee Lynn Seymore. Head Cooks: Lady Alienora na Coille & Lady Gillian. Site: Emmanuel Episcopal Church.
6-?-92 Mistress Tannis of Tir-y-Don becomes the 15th seneschal of Tir-y-Don.
10-?-92 Lord Addison the Wanderer becomes the 16th seneschal of Tir-y-Don.
9-?-94 Lord Imran Yosef de Scorpioun becomes the 17th seneschal of Tir-y-Don.
11-?-94 Rencester first listed as a College (not incipient) in the November Acorn.
3-11-95 20th Baronial Anniversary and Baronial Investiture held at Camp Chickahominy. Investiture of Otto Boettcher von Spreebrucke and Sarah Lynnette of Carlisle. Mistress Tannis of Tir-y-Don is inducted as the first member of the Baronial Order of Excellence (later changed to the Order of the Golden Phoenix).

7-?-95 Lady Iseulte of the Red Cliffs becomes the 18th seneschal of Tir-y-Don.

11-?-96 Earl Quentin Wrenguard ap Rhys becomes the 19th seneschal of Tir-y-Don.

11-22-97 1st Pilgrim’s Progress held at Camp Chickahominy. Autocrat: Lord Galen the Traveller. Head Cook: Countess Cara Marie.

10-?-98 Lord Wulfric Adler becomes the 20th seneschal of Tir-y-Don.
3-27-99 Baronial Anniversary and Investiture held at Camp Chickahominy. Investiture of Oriana of Xylina. Autocrat: Bernard von Budweis.

3-4-00 Tir-y-Don’s 25th Anniversary held at Camp Chickahominy. Autocrat: Sir Tnek. Head Cook: Mistress Tannis. Competitions held for Baronial Heavy Weapon’s, Rapier and Archery Champions.

11-?-00 Lord Jean Claude de Calais becomes the 21st seneschal of Tir-y-Don.

3-29-03 Baronial Anniversary and Investiture held at Jamestown Beach Campground. Investiture of Llywd Aldrydd and Kaleeb. Autocrat: Iollan mac a Phearsoin. Head Cook: Lady Lavender de Morten.