Garb – What to Wear

Although loaner garb is available, it is a LOAN; members are expected to have their own
clothing. You will find that people are willing to teach and help you to make your own
garb. Remember almost everyone who is wearing fancy clothing was where you are now.
You will need at least one outfit and will probably want several outfits over time. A good
estimate is for around $20 – $25 for new, good quality fabric and trim for a simple outfit.
Need a cloak? Wrapping yourself in a blanket will do in a pinch (just no “pretty ponies”
Going to a weekend event??? Be sure you have enough garb for the entire event. You CAN
wear the same tunic all weekend, but don’t be surprised if you are eating alone and have no
friends by the end of it.
You may want to bring a change of “modern” clothes to keep in your car for your trip home,
if you don’t want to stay in garb.
Helpful Hints: If you borrow an item, or garb from someone, RETURN IT PROMPTLY in the
same condition or better. If something unfortunate happens and the item is lost or
damaged, let the lender know right away.
If it is garb, ask if the person would prefer you to wash it or not prior to
return…sometimes, a garment requires particular care, and the lender would prefer to do
it themselves.