Event Checklist

Event Check List

There are fee’s involved in attending an event. They are listed clearly
and depending on the kind of event (day event or weekend) include
fees such as:

Daytrip or Site fee
Camping Fee
NMS (Non Member Fee)
First off, it is always best to send in your reservations early for an
event. This helps the folks holding the event to know how many folks
are going to be there, and will get you through Troll faster. But if you
get that day off at the last minute, great, just remember the fee may
be a few dollars more, and if there is a feast, it may be full.
Okay, you have your garb ready (and don’t you look fabulous), but
what else do you need??
ID Card: While you don’t need to be a formal member to go to an
event, it does make it easier at check in. If you aren’t a member (or
forgot your card), you will be required to pay a $5.00 non-member fee
and sign a waiver.
Proof of Signed Waiver:
Should you choose to become a formal member you can print of your “proof of
membership” from the website, or bring your latest copy of the Acorn as your
proof. This is not a proof of signed waiver. If you do not have a valid blue
card, or your printed membership does not state “signed waiver on file” you
will still be required to sign a waiver.
Bringing Friends:
Should you decide to bring your grandchildren, little brothers or sisters, nieces,
nephews, your kids’ friends etc., please remember: ANYONE WHO IS UNDER
A Minors Waiver signed by the parents/legal guardians. This form can be found
at: http://sca.org/docs/pdf/chldwaiv.pdf
And a Minor Medical Authorization filled out and signed by the parents/legal
guardians. This form can be found at: http://sca.org/docs/pdf/treatminornotary.pdf
THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!!! And you will be turned
away at the gate.
Meet your Group: It is a good idea to “caravan” up to an event,
especially if it’s your first time, some of the locations are great, but not
always easy to find, even by MapQuest or GPS. Ask someone in the
group if you can follow them up. Ask at the gate if there is a
designated area for Tir-y-don.
So, now you’ve arrived at the site, you’ve checked in found our group,
now what?
Ask who needs help. Often Tir-y-don brings one of our tents to use as
a Baronial Pavilion, which is open for all to gather under. Others often
bring their own day shades and we set up in a group together. Folks
are always willing to “share the shade”, but help with setting up, and
especially hanging around to take down, is always appreciated, and
trust me…those you help will remember you.
Sometimes, you will find what is called a “dayboard” or “sideboard”;
this is usually a little buffet of “nibbles”, put out to share BUT not
always. Always ask first. Bring a plate and mug: that pitcher of
lemonade or ice tea isn’t gonna do you any good if you don’t have
something to drink from.
What should I bring?
Garb – A cloak, wrapping yourself in a blanket will do in a pinch (just
no “pretty ponies” please). You may want to bring a change of
“modern” clothes to keep in your car for your trip home, if you don’t
want to stay in garb.
Chairs – one for everyone in your group, or a blanket to sit on on the
ground. You can use a blanket or some spare material to cover your
chair for less modern look.
Cooler – If you are bringing a lunch or snacks, or sodas etc.
Remember to bring something to cover or hide it.
SNACKS – Feast isn’t until 5:00 or 6:00 pm and you have arrived at
10:00 am. Sometimes there is a lunch for sale, or food merchants,
but not always, and not every site is near a fast food place. Be sure to
bring some well balanced healthy nibbles to keep you going till feast.
WATER – While water is always available, some folks don’t like to
share from a common source. If you want your OWN bottle – you
need to bring it. Also, remember 1 bottle of water is not going to keep
you going all day….especially on a really hot day. Bring plenty, you can
always share it, or bring it home.
Here is an example of some of the things I usually have in my event
basket for supplies. Of course and you can adjust to suit your needs.
Day Shade w/ windbreak
Chairs & Covers
Tables – Rug
Flashlight – Notebook – Pen – Cell phone
Plates – bowls – mugs – utensils
Lg Ziploc bags: for leftovers, disposal of items, carry dirty things home
Trash bags – paper towels – dish rag – Clorox wipes
First Aid Kit – Sanitizing Gel – Kleenex – toilet paper
Sunscreen – Bug Spray
Camera – Video Kit
Money for Merchants
Project to work on (knitting, needlework, etc.)
Snacks- Munchies- Special Drinks