Cancelled – Tir-y-Don’s Italian Renaissance Baronial Birthday


April 18, 2020 from 9:30 AM – 8 PM

Site: Marlbank Recreation Association Clubhouse, 115 Old Landing Road, Yorktown, Va 23692. Google Maps Link

Site restriction: Service Animals only.

Directions: From Interstate 64 take exit 250 B onto Fort Eustis Blvd/Yorktown.Stay on Fort Eustis Blvd for approximately 3.64 miles. 2. Turn left onto US Route 17 North (George Washington Memorial Hwy). 3. In .34 miles turn right onto Battle Road. 4. In .37 miles turn left onto Old York Hampton Hwy. 5. In .23 miles turn right onto Wormley Creek Dr. 6. In .37 miles take second right onto Old Landing Rd. 115 Old Landing Road is on the right.


                      Day-Trip     Feast   Camping
 Adult, Member         13.00       15.00     0.00
 Adult, Non-Member     18.00       15.00     0.00
 Youth (6-17)           5.00       15.00     0.00
 Child (0-5)            0.00        0.00     0.00

Pre-registered adult guests will receive a $3.00 discount per person for their gate fee (feast is not discounted).

Youth ages 6 to 12 receive a $5.00 discount on feast.

Reservationist: Alyna of the Ilex (Holly Cunningham), 88 Colombia Dr., Newport News, VA 23608, Phone: (757) 23608, E-mail: .Make checks payable to SCA Inc., Barony of Tir-y-Don or

Paypal Link: Select Tir-y-Don Italian Renaissance Baronial Birthday from the pulldown menu.

Autocrat: Muriel McArtuir (Jennifer McMath Cooper), 1301 Hornsbyville Road, Yorktown, VA 23692, Phone: (757) 812-2212, E-mail:


The archery championship shoot will be held at 10 am on April 5, 2020 at the Newport News Park archery range. The selected champion will be announced at evening court on April 18, 2020. In order to shoot, the archer must have completed the Newport News Park Archery Safety class within the last two years. The day of the shoot, archers will also need to pay to Newport News Park the daily ($2.20) fee or have a valid annual pass. The next few Newport News Park Safety Courses are Feb 27 (at 7pm), March 12 (at 7pm) and March 29 (at 10am). To register for the class call 888-3333.


We’ll hold a variety of fencing tournaments, most likely including a triple elimination progressive forms tournament, a single-elim “Blacksword” tournament, and perhaps a round robin as well. Their Excellencies will be choosing a new Baronial champion from the Tir-y-Don participants.

“Teach me a Lesson” or “The Master becomes the Student” pickups: Everyone is encouraged to challenge another fencer who has a higher fencing or A&S award and teach them a lesson. This can be

  • Teach them a play or concept from a historic martial art (HMA) or
  • Armor up and teach the senior fencer that they have all the amazing skillz or
  • Request a HMA or other fencing lesson.

We should have several Masters of Defense, White Scarves, and Free Scholars there as well as Laurels and Pearls in Historic Martial Arts. All are looking forward to learning from you.

Thrown Weapons

We will have thrown weapons activities.

Heavy Weapons

We will have heavy weapons activities.

Arts & Sciences

There will be several arts and sciences competitions, as well as an open display area.

1. Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion – In order to select the Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion, the artisans are given a choice of medium. The theme shall be land and sea (please no cooked or raw seafood of any type), with emphasis on the colors and/or symbols of Tir-y-Don, and also early 16th C Italy. Regardless of the type of entry, the artisan must also submit documentation to support the work.

2. In the Footsteps of the Masters – Make something inspired by or replicant from the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, or Botticelli. The piece can be of any medium and must be documented (EZ doc is acceptable).

3. Scroll Blanks – Mistress Tannis of Tir-y-Don is sponsoring a scroll blank completion.  Scroll blanks must be based on an Italian manuscript, 1450-1550 C.E.  The only documentation required is: a copy of the exemplar the artist used for inspiration (this can be a photocopy of the page or bringing a book with the page marked), a description of materials and methods used, anything you should feel the judge should know about your work. Entrants are encouraged to donate the scroll blanks to the barony or kingdom.  Please leave at least ¾ inch of white border around the edge for framing. There are two prize categories:  Novice (less than 2 years experience doing Illumination) and Experienced (2+ years experience doing Illumination). 

4. A Year of Tir-y-Don’s Arts and Sciences – We will have an open display for items created as a result of or related to any of Tir-y-Don’s Arts and Sciences classes. This years classes include: Japanese clothing, Roman decoration for clothing, documentation, Roman jewelry, board chest, hand tool wood working, MOL class, 10-minute topics focused on chairs, necklines, Florence women’s clothing, Roman earrings, Coptic book binding, vocal music overview, cookies, German travel log, raised embroidery, stones and jewelry, how to make a feather paint brush, and beginning illumination.

5. Open display – there will be limited table space available to displays other completed or works in progress (documentation is not necessary).

Feast: A Journey through Spain

A noble from the Spanish court is visiting Italy and wishes to impress their hosts. They have brought with them one of the finest chefs in Spain and a trove of delicious items to sample.

First Course

  • Higos ala Francesa (Figs in the French way)
  • De Saluiat (Herb Omelet)
  • Ciurons Tendres Ab Let De Melles (Tender chickpeas with almond milk) *
  • Menya d’Angels (Angel’s food sweetened fresh cheese)
  • Various breads

Second Course

  • Cornish Hens
  • Salcero para Perdius o Gallines en Ast (Pomegranate and Almond Sauce)
  • Bunyols (cheese fritters)
  • Potage de Porrada (Leek Potage)*
  • Espa’rrecs (Asparagus)

Third Course

  • Roast of Kings – Roasted meat (lamb & swordfish)
  • Juvert (green sauce for meat)
  • Salsa a Bolets (Mushrooms with Herb Sauce) *
  • Guiso de Lentejas (Lentil Stew) *
  • Andalusian Stuffed Eggs *
  • Espinacs (Spinach)


  • Arroz con leche (Rice pudding)
  • Churros con chocolate
  • Pears poached in wine

*Contains Onion

Merchants are welcome. Outside merchant space is available. NO indoor spaces. Please email the autocrat prior to April 1, 2020. There is no separate merchant fee; merchants pay the standard entrance fee (non-member fees if applicable).

Schedule (tentative)

  • 9:30 – Troll opens
  • 10:00 – MOL opens
  • 10:30 – Authorizations
  • 11:00 – Fighting begins
  • 1:30 – A&S Judging begins
  • 2:00 – 3:00 Dancing in hall
  • 4:00 – Court in field (weather permitting)
  • 6:00 – Feast