Camping: If you are attending a camping event, you DO NOT have to have a period tent of
your own, modern tents are fine.
Some important things to remember…..
Camping Courtesies
by Baroness Dana Mac an Ghabhann
===Setting up your tent:===
– If you arrive late, set up Quietly & Quickly leaving as much as you can til morning.
– If someone is awake ask where you can setup.
– If your spot is not marked and no one is awake, wait til morning or be prepared to move your tent.
– Be considerate of the amount space you take up, space is a premium at most sites.
– Do not camp in the common area.
===Respect other camper’s space:===
– Do not put your “stuff” on other people’s tables, coolers, etc.
– Ask before borrowing or using something that isn’t yours.
– Return borrowed items ASAP.
– Sit in YOUR chair or on the ground!
– If you bring a guest into our camp YOU provide seating for them!
– Do not walk between tents if possible; use the entrance to get to your tent or the common area.
– Keep a trash container for your use, It is not the responsibility of others to carry off YOUR trash!!
===Keep campsite neat and clean:===
– Clean up immediately after eating, remove dishes, put away food & take care of the trash.
– Keep mundane containers out of sight (especially bottles & cans, this includes after dark!!)
– Put trash in appropriate containers.
– Before falling into bed clean up your mess.
– Use ashtrays, no cigarette butts on the ground.
– It is your responsibility to keep your things within your camping space. Do not intrude on other campers, their
camping space or common areas.
While Tir-y-don often has a potluck one evening of a camping event, you are responsible for
your breakfasts, lunches, other dinners, snacks, drinks etc. Be sure to have firm
arrangements for your meals and accommodations.
Living together in a camp requires everyone to co-operate and lend a hand doing such tasks
that benefit everyone, such as filling the torches with oil, wiping down tables in the
common area or taking a bag of trash to the dumpster as you stroll down the road to check
out the Merchants.
By and large common sense and a polite attitude will serve you well. When in doubt about
something, ask. Most of us remember when we were new to the Society and are willing to
answer any questions you may have. With a little practice and time, you will come to learn
the customs and manners that exist.