A&S Schedule

Due to the Covid-19 closures, we have moved our A&S meetings online for the duration of the social distancing activity. We are currently using a Baronial Discord channel and are adjusting our schedule to feature classes that work well in this format. Classes that require hands-on participation will be postponed until in-person classes resume.

Revised Upcoming Schedule

March 19 – HMA in the SCAClass Slides

March 26 – Japanese Clothing

April 2 – Walk like an Egyptian – Everyday Egyptian items.

April 9 – 10 Minute Topics on Jewelry. Send Mistress Kaleeb up to three photographs of Jewelry that you can talk about for 10 minutes by Apr 8. She will organize and present the photos online while each person, in turn, talks about their chosen object(s).

April 16 – Dayboards

April 23 – 10 Minute Topics on Medieval Entertainment

April 30 – Viking Age Norse clothing and accessories: How we know what we know

May 7 – SCA Wikis and the Atlantian Wiki – Learn about wiki websites and see a demonstration of setting up a personal page on the new Atlantian wiki. – Class Slides

May 14 – Something Norse from Ulfhildr

May 21 – Even more Norse stuff from Ulfhildr

May 28 – Making Twisted Cordage and Rope

June 4 – Websites and Photographs Class Slides

June 11 – Cooking with Aeduin: Everything Old is New Again, modern food trends that aren’t – This class will take place on Zoom rather than Discord, but the meeting link will be posted to the Baronial Discord channel.

June 18 – Hawks and Hounds

June 25 – Virtual Field Trip TBD – We hope to find a non Tir-y-Don A&S activity to watch

July 2 – Thread Covered Buttons by Amie Sparrow – Facebook live class

July 9 – Medieval Gardening

July 16 – Scribal – Beginner scroll layout plus how to use an Ames lettering guide.

July 13 – Discussion of Roxbury Mills Case Study – How to build your group using different gaming personalities

July 30 – Pennsic University

Aug 6 – Pennsic University

Aug 13 – 10 Minute Topics about Pennsic Classes that folks took online

Aug 20 – A&S meeting ideas

Aug 27 – Fiore’s Sword in One Hand – Learn about interpreting a 1409 manual’s text and illustrations into physical motion and how to apply the effective period technique to SCA rule sets. Class will be held on Google Meet with the meeting link also posted to the Discord channel and the Campfire Facebook page. Class Slides