Baronial Polling Timeline

Good morning everyone,
As previously promised, here is the timeline for our Baronial polling:

Paper Ballots

  • Feb 4 – Mailed at post office
  • Feb 7 – Estimated delivery to paid members
  • Feb 25 – Deadline to mail response to TRMs
  • Feb 28 – Estimated delivery of last responses to TRMs

Electronic Ballots

  • Feb 7 – Online polling goes live
  • Feb 28 – Online polling closes

Feb 28 – TRMs have all polling responses available to review.

Mar 30 – Investiture of new Baronage at Labors of Finn

The official polling is available to all paid members who live in our zip codes. Anyone else may feel free to email TRMs with their thoughts on this issue at ““. Candidate letters of intent are available for your review on the Baronial website (see below), are included in the paper mailing, are in this month’s newsletter, and are viewable in the electronic polling system.

Please return your polling responses to Their Royal Majesties  promptly and try not to push up against the deadlines.

Please contact me if you have any issues and I will try to address them.  

In Service to the Dream,

Master Llwyd Aldrydd

Tir-y-Don Deputy Seneschal 

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Upcoming Baronial Polling

Their Royal Majesties have requested a polling of the populace of Tir-y-Don to select new Baronage. All paid SCA members who live within our allocated zip codes will either receive a paper polling shortly or, if they opt-in, can express their opinions via an online polling. Both options will activate in the next few days. Anyone else can feel free to express their opinions to Their Majesties via .

Three pairs of candidates have been nominated. Their letters of intent, expressing their goals and ideas should they be selected, can be read by clicking on their names below.

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Labors of Finn – March 30, 2019

Our spring event, “Labors of Finn” has its own page with more details on all the fun activities of the day. You can find it here.

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Thanksgiving Break

Due to Thanksgiving this week, there will be no A&S meeting on Thursday, Nov 22, and no fighter practice on Sunday, Nov 25. There WILL be archery practice on Nov 25. Our regular schedule will resume next week.

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Newport News Fall Festival Demo

Thanks to all the SCA folks who came out to the Newport News Fall Festival to show off what we do. It was great opportunity for us to meet lots of new people and show off our artistic skills.

If you’re here because you saw us at the demo and want more information, please look around. Join our group on Facebook, come to an activity, and/or contact our Chatelaine/New member point of contact Kaleeb (Patty Ellison) at 875-0033 or .

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Welcome to the Barony of Tir-y-Don’s new webpage! The new page using WordPress should be much easier to update and maintain, and therefore be more useful to everyone!

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