Labors of Finn

March 30, 2019
Barony of Tir-y-Don

Site: Cornerstone Community Church. 1003 Moyer Rd., Newport News, VA 23608

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Site Restrictions: no alcohol, leashed pets outside only

Martial Activities: Armored | Rapier. No archery on site. Baronial archery champion shoot will be held at Newport News Park the prior weekend.

Autocrat: Alyna of the Ilex (Holly Cunningham). 88 Colombia Dr, Newport News, VA 23608. Phone: (757) 968-5303. Email: alyna AT

Registration: Via Paypal or via mail to Autocrat (above).

Feast: There will be no evening feast, but a dayboard lunch is included in your site fee.

A&S Competition: To Atlantians far and near, Tir-y-Don’s red dolphin mascot, Finn, is in need of your assistance! Whilst swimming in the ocean blue, Finn, met a fair maiden with glorious hair and a glistening tail of green. Although their meeting was brief, she captured his heart. Since then Finn has explored deep-sea caverns, defended himself against attack, quested along the shore and made his way through a maze of kelp forests to gather items to create a gift worthy of his fair mermaid. Alas! In his last task of assembling the items, he finds his flippers lacking in the needed dexterity. He asks for your help in making an item or series of items worthy to give his love. If you wish to help Finn, for a nominal fee, you can purchase a Five Labors of Finn kit at one of four upcoming events, assemble said item or items, and bring it/them for judging to the Labors of Fin event on March 30, 2019 in Newport News, Virginia. The number of kits sold will determine the prize.
To purchase a Five Labors of Fin kit ($5.00), seek out either Lady Muriel or Lady Meip of Tir-y-Don in the Arts & Science area of Kingdom 12th Night (Jan 12, 2019). There are a limited number of kits which are sold first come first serve.
Competition rules:

  1. The artist must use at least five of the items within the kit to create a single item or group of items.
  2. When using an item, the artist does not need to use the entire item.
  3. The artist may choose to supplement the project with his or her own materials.However, as indicated in #1 above, the artist must use at least five items found within the kit.
  4. Along with the item or group of items, the artist must be some sort of documentation detailing which items from the kit were used, how they were used, and the historical inspiration for the item you created. EZ Documentation is strongly encouraged.
  5. The artist do not need to be at the Labor of Fin event on March 30, 2019 to win; but the item/ group of items along with the above documentation must be.
  6. At the end of the competition, Tir-y-Don will return the submissions to the artist.