Emerald Hastilude

Hastilude: has·ti·lude   (noun)   a medieval joust: spear play

In the autumn of A.S. 47, Master Rhys Terfan Greydragon and Lady Dubheasa ní Chéirín invited the Atlantian Cavalry and friends to their estate.  The event, Hastilude at the Hollow, was a celebration of the equestrian arts in Atlantia.  Five times did they host this gathering and now, after a three year hiatus because of the Great Plague, the celebration returns.  This year, the Barony of Tir-y-Don wishes to honor this tradition and invites the Atlantian Cavalry and friends to a weekend of equestrian games, practices, hard work, and camaraderie at the Emerald Ridge Stables in Lanexa , Virginia.  The site will open at 2 pm on Friday, September 2, 2022 and close at 3 pm on Sunday, September 4, 2022. 

Emerald Ridge Stable is a beautiful facility owned by our hostess, Lady Caiterína Úaine.  It has an 80 x 160 indoor arena so we can ride even if it is rains.  To see pictures of the site visit:  https://emeraldridgestables.com/boarding

Schedule of Activities:  We are still working on the schedule and will post details closer to the event.  Activities we are considering for the schedule include a trail ride and several competitions.  Sir Tnek the Ainissestor will be serving as marshal in charge.   If you can assist with the marshalling or serve as ground crew, please let him know. 

Authorizations:  If you’re interested in doing a riding and/or Ground Crew Authorization, please let Sir Tnek know before the event so he can schedule the appropriate amount of time for them.   E-mail:  whitegrifn@aol.com.

Horses, trailers, and camping space, oh my!!:  Please contact Sir Tnek the Ainissestor (Kent Baldwin)  Email:  whitegrifn@aol.com,  with the dimensions of your horse trailer/truck  and number of horses you will be bringing.  If you are working the event and want to camp, please send him the dimensions of your tent, including the ropes.   We will be camping in one of the enclosed pastures.

Equipment to bring:  If you’re bringing horses, please bring at least 50 ft of hose and Y connectors for water.  Also, don’t forget to bring horse enclosures.   Once the activities schedule is set we will let you know what equipment you need for the games.

Site restrictions:  1) Pets are allowed with ADVANCE APPROVAL by the site owner. This is a working barn.  The pets must be use to being around large animals and kept on a leash or in a secure crate at all times.  Contact Katrina Dorer, Email:  rockingKhorse@gmail.com   or send a TEXT to:  757-876-0897 for approval by August 29th.

2) Valid and current Coggins certificates are required when horses arrive on site. 

3) Everyone attending this event is required to sign an Emerald Ridge Stable waiver in addition to any paperwork required by the SCA.

Meal plan:  Noble Arnvaldr Arnason has volunteered to serve as the head cook for the weekend.  There is a meal plan for this event.  The meal plan includes Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Sunday breakfast & lunch.  Reservations for the meal plan must be made & paid by August 29th.  A menu and ingredients list will be posted once the menu is finalized.  If you need to contact the cook with food concerns you can e-mail him at:  davidwcoman@yahoo.com

 Site feeDining plan
Members, adult$25.00$50.00
Non-members, adult$30.00$50.00
Youth,   13-17 years$ 5.00$50.00
Youth,  5-12 years$ 5.00$25.00
Child,  0-4 years$ 0.00$ 0.00

Event registration:   Registrations can be made either via SCArs or by mailing a check to the Reservationist.

Make checks payable to:  SCA, Inc/Barony of Tir-y-Don

Mail reservations to:  Mistress Alyna of the Ilex, Holly Cunningham, 88 Colombia Drive, Newport News, VA, 23608.  E-Mail questions:  tydexchequer@gmail.com   Phone:  757-968-5303

Tir-y-Don Refund Policy:  Anyone who can present a valid reason for needing a refund, as determined by the Baronial Exchequer and Baronial Seneschal will be written a check from the Baronial General Fund. Refunds must be requested within 5 business days of the event they were unable to attend. No refunds will be issued from any cash box.   Send requests to the Tir-y-Don Exchequer by September 9th:    Mistress Alyna of the Ilex, Email:  tydexchequer@gmail.com

Event Steward:  Mistress Tannis of Tir-y-Don, Phone:  757-838-5992, email:  tirydon@cox.net

Site Address:  Emerald Ridge Stable LLC,9003 Diascund Road, Lanexa, VA  23089

DIRECTIONS:  (Alert:  WAZE occasionally has trouble getting people to this address) 

From the North and West:  Take your best route toward Richmond, VA and pick up I-295 SOUTH, toward Norfolk/Rocky Mt NC/I-64 East.  At EXIT 28A merge onto I-64 East /Norfolk/VA Beach.  Take EXIT 205 for VA-249 East, toward Bottoms Br/Quinton/US-60; keep right at the bottom of the ramp.  Merge onto New Kent Hwy.  Make a LEFT turn onto Pocahontas Trail/US-60 East.  Go a little more than 18 ½ miles, and turn RIGHT onto Diascund Rd (Route 603).  Emerald Ridge Stable will be on the right, about ½ miles down the road, on the right.

From the South: Take your best route toward Richmond, VA and pick up I-295 NORTH.  Take EXIT 28, US-60, Norfolk/Richmond, I-64 and merge onto US-60 EAST toward Bottoms Bridge.  Go a bit more than 23 ¼ miles, and turn RIGHT onto Diascund Rd (Route 603).  Emerald Ridge Stable will be about ½ miles down the road, on the right.

 From Tir-y-Don/Marinus:  Take I-64 WEST, to EXIT 231B Norge/Toano.  At the first stoplight turn right onto Rochambeau Dr/VA-30.  VA-30 becomes Richmond Rd/US 60 West at the next stoplight.  Continue to follow the road for about 4 ½ miles and turn LEFT onto Diascund Rd (Route 603).  The site is about ½ miles, on the right.