A&S Schedule

Due to the Covid-19 closures, we have moved our A&S meetings online for the duration of the social distancing activity. We are currently using a Baronial Discord channel and are adjusting our schedule to feature classes that work well in this format. Classes that require hands-on participation will be postponed until in-person classes resume.

Revised Upcoming Schedule

March 26 – Japanese Clothing

April 2 – Walk like an Egyptian – Everyday Egyptian items.

April 9 – 10 Minute Topics on Jewelry. Send Mistress Kaleeb up to three photographs of Jewelry that you can talk about for 10 minutes by Apr 8. She will organize and present the photos online while each person, in turn, talks about their chosen object(s).

April 16 – Dayboards

April 23 – 10 Minute Topics on Medieval Entertainment

April 30 – Viking Age Norse clothing and accessories: How we know what we know

May 7 – SCA Wikis and the Atlantian Wiki – Learn about wiki websites and see a demonstration of setting up a personal page on the new Atlantian wiki.

May 14 – Something Norse from Ulfhildr – Stay tuned we may use a app other than Discord for this meeting

May 21 – Even more Norse stuff from Ulfhildr

May 28 – Making Twisted Cordage and Rope

Previous (inactive) In-person class schedule

Our upcoming schedule for Arts & Sciences classes is below. These meetings are held at Kaleeb and Llwyd’s house. Call or email them for the address (875-0033, kaleeb@galtham.org, baronllwyd@gmail.com). Dates and topics are subject to change; check back here or on the Campfire facebook group for updates.

The Kingdom of Atlantia maintains an excellent list of A&S Links if you have a few hours to lose to following rabbit holes.

February 2020

Feb. 13 Historical Significance of Bast Fibers Come learn how a weed changed warfare, how an annoying plant changed the ‘scale’ of fishing and why blonds and sexy underwire are related. The history and importance off Bast Fibers.

Feb. 20 10 Minute Topics in the Footsteps of the Masters (Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli) Find out something neat about one of the above Masters and share it with the group.

Feb 27 Beginning Heraldry by Tabitha. This class will cover device heraldry basics and how to get started on researching names. Handouts will be available with resources.

March 2020

Mar. 5 Scribal/ Illumination

Mar. 12 Braid Cases– What goes around comes around. 12th century Franco-English and late 15th century Northern Italian hairstyles both featured extreme braids wrapped in fabric, jewels, and ribbons. Learn how you can imitate or control your own very long hair, the ways they did it.

Mar. 19 Recruitment and retention Roxbury Mills Case Study – a recap

Mar. 26 Period and Healthy day board food (Pietro and Jessica)

April 2020

Ap. 2 Loaner Feast Gear Project Napkins and silverware rolls Please bring scrap fabric for napkins or extra dishes. Do not purchase anything just raid your stash. Tir-y-Don has a huge stash that will be sorted, and put into kits, so they can be shared more easily.

Ap. 9 Hair Taping -Mary

Ap. 16 UFO (UnFinished Objects) B. B. day focus

Ap.23 Heraldry (Probably Liz but might have a date change once her schedule is know)

Ap. 30 Scribal

May 2020

May 7 How to make a Chiton by Meip and Orianna with help from John

May 14 Marzipan – Mary

May 21 UFO Ruby joust prep

May 28 Seasonal Food Edwin

June 2020

June 4 How to make and teach pouches with Tassels (Holy) twisted cord (Mary) Please bring fabric, yarn and ribbon. We will be setting up kits for another Library recruitment activity

June 11: HMA in the SCA – An exploration of Historic Martial Arts as an A&S activity within the SCA. See how combat manuals surviving from as long ago as 1320 are studied, interpreted, and adapted for use on SCA sport combat fields.

June 18 Wood core embroidered buttons – Mary

June 25 Live like an ordinary Egyptian

July 2020

July 2 UFO

July 9 Fittings Edwin/Mary

July 16 Boat School report by John

July 23 Pennsic Wish List