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Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site
Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site
Baronial Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences Schedule for the first half of 2017

26 - a Cordial make and take with Guendolen, must be 21 to participate. please bring a quart of Vodka, or light brandy and leave with something else altogether.
2 - Gift Baskets, there are many baronial Investitures coming up in the next few months and Our Excellency's are asking for your help with small items to gift to their new Baronial cousins. we will have a couple small things to make for donating
9- How to stop eating like a barbarian in public- table manners with Mistress Alyna.
16- Scriptorium- We have an event coming up in 4 weeks those scroll blanks aren't going to illuminate themselves.
23- KASF prep - Are you going to display your art at Kingdom Arts and Sciences this is your opportunity to get some display tips and tricks.
2- Smocking - Alyna
9- Card weaving - Kaleeb
16- UFO (Unfinished Objects) and prep for Bacon Wars
23- Long Armed Cross- stitch and you- designing your own heraldic embroidered pouch,
30- The Cheese stands alone- learn to make ricotta and a medieval cheese roundtable bring a cheese to taste and share, we would really really like it if you told us a bit about the history of your chosen cheese.
6- organization day for upcoming demo's
13- Veils with Countess Beringaria
20- Ten Minute Topics - Spring and Summer celebrations - every one picks a holiday or tradition and tells us a little bit about it.
27- Avoiding SCA Burnout
4- The life of Mohamad and the Pillars of Islam- Muriel
11- Beer with Brian- Brian
18 - The Franks- Guendolen
25- Ruby Joust prep
1- University topics- still working on this one it could turn into a couple of different things, stay tuned
8- Bread round table- Bake a loaf and share with your friends
15- Ten Minute Topics- Medieval Science and Technology, do a little research into your favorite new technology and then tell us a bit about it.
22- Fun with Flags - Alyna
29- Cured Meat round table - round out your event picnic with some preserved meat. bring a sample of a sausage, ham or other cured meat to share and discuss.
6- Sewing circle - we are all tired of looking a that same old gown.
13- Sewing circle continued
20- can't make it to war. let us know what classes you would like us to take notes for you at. Also give us your shopping list.
27- no class

on vacation, see you in Pennsylvania

7- Pennsic recap
14- schedule fall and winter meeting topics

Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site
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Barony of Tir-y-Don - Official Site